ѕрограммы дл€ медицины   Medical Software


MedWork © Ч the system for the automation of medical organizations
MedWork © is designed  by Master Lab for the automation of medical organizations of any specializations. Main features are the follows:

Х  conducting case history and outpatient card;
Х  building and processing of medical and financial statistics;
Х  attendance and cure planning;
Х  building and printing of documents;
Х  generation of orders and service accounting.

Certificate of Russian Ministry of Health є 73 from 29.12.2001.

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Ensemble Ч the integration software
InterSystems Ensemble Ѓ is the integration software. It consists of  integration server, data server, application server, and portal development software.

Ensemble allows support for decision of the following problems of corporate applications integration:

Х  data transformations;
Х  business processes control;
Х  development of composite applications;
Х  business activity monitoring.

Ensemble adapter library with more than 250 adapters provides out-of-the-box connectivity and data transformations for a wide array of packaged applications, databases, industry standards, and technologies including the follows standards:

Х  HL7;
Х  etc.

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