ѕрограммы дл€ медицины   Medical Software

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MedWork © Ч system for automation of medical organizations
MedWork © was designed  by Master Lab for automation of medical organizations of any specialization and provides:

Х  conducting patientТs case history and outpatient card;
Х  coverage of all major phases of treatment;
Х  preparing and processing of medical and financial statistics;
Х  attendance and doctorТs schedule treatment planning;
Х  preparing and printing documents;
Х  generation of bills and service accounting;
Х  cooperation with other organizations including insurance companies;
Х  many configuration options, including designing and generation of report forms.

Advantages of MedWork © make it applicable in all types of medical organizations:

Х  full customization of all input forms and records;
Х  simplification of administration and learning;
Х  scalability of system from use for first-aid post to application in a large clinic, diagnostic center or hospital of several buildings;
Х  flexibility and convenience of settings up user profiles, integration with existing programs, export-import external data.

Box products

Х  MedWork - Small Clinic
Х  MedWork - Registrar
Х  MedWork - Policlinic
Х  MedWork - Hospital

DEPO-MedWork hardware-software system

Depo Computers company is one of the Russian largest producers of computers and servers. Depo Computers and Master Lab company cooperation is focused on automation of medical organizations of any size and is based on DEPO-MedWork hardware-software system.

Depo Computers is a member of Russian Association for Medical Information Technology Development (ARMIT).

Services on automation of medical organizations

Master Lab provides services on automation of any type of medical organizations of any type based on MedWork system. The system is oriented for installation directly on the workplaces of doctors, nurses, administrators, etc.

"Technology of Work" presentation ї
product:  MedWork - Small Clinic
Small Clinic was designed for small hospitals and private clinics. Small Clinic is a modern automation system which provides input, storage and processing of information at all key stages of treatment in medical organizations.

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product:  MedWork - Registrar

Registrar system allows automation of registrar work:

Х  registration of patients;
Х  doctorТs schedule;
Х  accounting of provided services.

"MedWork System" presentation ї
product:  MedWork - Policlinic

Main features for clinic automation:

Х  registrarТs work support;
Х  maintenance of staff timetable;
Х  attendance planning;
Х  work with directories;
Х  maintenance of outpatient cards database;
Х  planning and carrying out regular preventive medical examinations and vaccinations;
Х  issuing health certificates.

"MedWork System" presentation ї
product:  MedWork - Hospital

Provides automation of multi-type medical organizations, taking into account all main directions:

Х  registrar;
Х  reception;
Х  treatment;
Х  places for inpatient availability;
Х  financial accounting;
Х  statistics;
Х  inventory accounting;
Х  administration.

"MedWork System" presentation ї
Conducting patient's case history and outpatient card

—ase record in MedWork is presented in the traditional form, consisting of a set of documents (forms). Documents may contain data of all types: text, image, table, chart, etc.

This allows storing electronically any information about a patient and treatment, including:

  • work-up results;
  • functional health status of patients and diagnoses;
  • information about surgeries and procedures;
  • data of laboratory tests;
  • bills for treatment;
  • images from medical devices, scanners or digital cameras.

Filling of a case history becomes much quicker by using formal treatment schemes and expandable and customizable dictionaries.

—onvenient interface with the possibility of grouping and sorting documents allows doctors find necessary information quickly in case history of patient.

Data from devices (ultrasound, ECG, lab tests, etc.) can be directly transferred into a patient's case history using a special interface.

Coverage of all major phases of treatment

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Х  Registrar
Х  Reception
Х  Policlinic doctor
Х  Hospital doctor
Х  Nurse
Х  Head of department
Х  Chief nurse
Х  Chief doctor
Х  Laboratory
Х  System administrator
Х  Department of medical statistics
Х  Departments of free of charge and charged patients
Preparing and processing of medical and financial statistics

MedWork allows creating of statistical reports on treatment, reception, disease, various financial reports, etc. for any period. Creating a new report does not require additional programming. It is carried out by a special master, included in MedWork. Open data format makes it possible to access the system from any known report generators.
Attendance and doctor's schedule threatment planning

MedWork users can create a variety of queues and lists of patients to be sent to other medical specialists. User-friendly interface of work with groups of patients allows planning a schedule at every workplace as well as making plans and lists of patients who need surgery.

Preparing and printing of documents

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Data from a case history can be presented in any form specified by user by means of powerful and customized case record engine. Automatic case record creation makes users free from time-consuming information acquisition. Only a few seconds is required to get a case record in the form of Microsoft Word document.

Generation of bills and service accounting

Cooperation with other organizations including insurance companies

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To ensure collaboration with organizations and insurance companies (NHS, private medical insurance) MedWork allows maintening dictionaries of organizations, reconciliate functions, prepare reports and receive appointment cards and lists.

Wide opportunities for configuration, including designing and generation of report forms

MedWork provides wide range of settings and can be used in any medical organizations. Such notions as offices, waiting-lists, user groups help to describe structure of clinic and stages of patient's treatment flexibly. It is possible editing and adding a library of input forms, case records and reports (more than 100 types of reports) through a convenient and powerful editor programm as well as changes in database structure. All these actions can be done during work and no special skills are required. Open architecture of a system makes possible connection to software modules developed by users. It gives an opportunity to add extra functions to the system along with expansion of a clinic or introduction of new scheams of treatment.